Make sure your operations are always efficient and compliant


Make sure your operations are always efficient and compliant

Use our intuitive platform for scheduling lesson flights, theory and other operations. It’s quite simply the best tool to ensure optimal utilization of your resources.

FlightLogger scheduling is live-updated and integrates with instructor, student and staff availability, certificate management, aircraft maintenance, program syllabus and more.

FlightLogger flight scheduling

Everything you need from a scheduling tool

FlightLogger comes with all the functionality you need in a scheduling tool. Combining an advanced feature set with unmatched ease of use, it provides relevant information right where you need it – ensuring efficient planning of your flight school operations.

With efficient planning, your aircraft can make that extra daily flight, and your instructors deliver that extra training session within the day. This way FlightLogger helps you utilize all your most valuable resources to create better conditions for your students and for your business.

“FlightLogger is ideal to help our instructors plan theory and flight lessons, allowing us to evaluate, note and comment on student performance, plot daily schedules and track the progress of each student as they complete their courses.

The online booking and email notification system ensures that everyone is kept informed and up to date.”

Capt. John Diskos, President & CEO, Jetstream Aviation Academy

Manage all your resources from one place

Without a good scheduling platform, it’s pretty much impossible to run your daily operations efficiently. At FlightLogger we focus on combining great functionality with an easy to use intuitive interface, tools like twilight and night vision indicators are great examples, not only can the flight planners schedule the flights according to syllable but also the feature will guide them in this process by defining day-twilight-night boundaries and making sure there is no room for error. We make it easy and convenient for you to schedule all your most vital resources.

  • Aircraft

  • Simulators

  • Classrooms and briefing rooms

  • Instructors

  • Students

  • Crew

FlightLogger compliancy check

Check for compliancy at scheduling

School flight scheduling is much more than just booking an aircraft and a pilot.

When scheduling a school flight, FlightLogger displays the compliancy of instructors, students, and aircraft – and provides a warning if anything is not as it should be. FlightLogger keeps track of medicals and other certificates, email signoffs, availabilities, flight time limitations, accounting balances, aircraft maintenance, etc. 

Keep all students’ training on track

The built-in program overview displays all your student’s training progress, helping you ensure that all students complete their flight training on time.

Easily see which lessons should be prioritized and preview lesson briefings and syllabus times. Drag and drop lessons directly into the schedule, allocating both aircraft, student and instructor – and your planning is done.

“FlightLogger provides efficient, easy-to-use scheduling, tracking the progress of our students, instructors, and staff while making certificates and other documentation conveniently available when we need it. We definitely found the right solution with FlightLogger.”

Eugene Gadassik, Seneca College
FlightLogger scheduling student overview
Recurring bookings with FlightLogger

Set up and schedule recurring bookings

FlightLogger makes it easy to customize and schedule recurring activities. Roll out an entire training program across the upcoming season, set up theory sessions on specific weekdays, book monthly meetings, or schedule aircraft maintenance slots way ahead in one convenient process.

With recurring bookings you can auto-populate lessons from an entire training program to make planning easier than ever.

See schedule changes when they are made

FlightLogger’s scheduling page is live-updated to make sure you always get the right picture of your planned operation. New bookings and edits made by other users appear on the booking page immediately, without refreshing your browser.

Same way, live flight registrations done from the aircraft appear on the booking page to provide the flight status of current bookings.