The #1 flight school platform

Manage your flight training organization from one place

The #1 flight school platform

Manage your flight training organization from one platform

FlightLogger’s all-in-one digital platform comes with all the most valuable functionality a flight training organization or AOC needs. 

The unique featureset offered by FlightLogger is built entirely to offer flight training organizations a smooth and compliant operation.

FlightLogger is not just a scheduling tool. It’s not just a training management tool. It’s not just an aircraft maintenance tool nor is it just a grading tool.

It’s all of the above and more – gathered in one digital platform.

Ensure efficient and compliant operations with our scheduling tool

Book lesson and operational flights, theory, rentals, maintenance, and other activities efficiently with FlightLogger’s intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling tool.

FlightLogger keeps track of availabilities, medicals, and other certificates, flight time, and much more to ensure that all activities completed in your organization are compliant. It also knows your students’ progress on all your training programs and helps your students to graduate on time.

All scheduling features
FlightLogger flight scheduling
FlightLogger registration and grading

Register and grade flights from the cockpit using any device

Provide your instructors and staff with a seamless tool for in-flight, minimal effort registration and grading – for maximum attention on the flight training.

FlightLogger’s built-in flight registration and grading tool is designed specifically for flight schools and can be used without an internet connection. Make one-click time and grading registrations while keeping ground staff updated with ETA and more.

All Registration & Grading features

Display key flight info with your own live-updated Departure/Arrival board

Display your own Departure/Arrival board customized for flight training. Get live-updated status on your current and scheduled flights and publish it on your academy’s info screens.

Connect with aircraft tracking services AirNav RadarBox, FlightAware, or FlightRadar24 for live flight tracking.

All Departure/Arrival features
FlioghtLogger departure/arrival board
FlightLogger reports and statistics

Get key insights and in-depth data with reports and statistics

Find and extract the exact data you need using our analytics tools and our various preconfigured reports – or simply export a full raw data report and use it for third-party systems, business intelligence, resource allocation, etc.

Automatically synchronize reports to your own file storage on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

All Reports & statistics features

Take flight training to the next level with FlightLogger CBTA Pro

Time to take flight training to the next level with Competency-Based Training and Assessment? FlightLogger CBTA Pro provides you with the framework and a structured path to make the transition without revolutionizing your existing training setup.

With the unique FlightLogger CBTA Pro features at hand, your existing training programs are quickly ready for elevating your pilot training and assessment to become truly competency-based.

All CBTA Pro features
FlightLogger CBTA features
FlightLogger message & document center

Provide students, instructors and staff with tools for internal collaboration

FlightLogger’s comes with an integrated message center for internal communication between students, instructors, crew, and staff at your training organization. Get all the features you know from a standard email client plus the option to require a sign-off from your recipients. Other important messages concerning certificate expiry, warnings, etc. are of course also integrated.

With FlightLogger you also get your own document center with unlimited file storage and sharing options, just like you know it from other cloud-based file sharing solutions. Auto-synchronize your entire document center every night to have your own local copy.

All Collaboration features

Add extra functionality to FlightLogger with add-on modules

With FlightLogger, it’s easy to add some extra functionality on top of all the standard features.

Check out our Data Backup Module that helps you take even better care of your data. Or use our Student Accounting module to manage the student and renter balances. Maybe apply our Flight Time Limitation module to help your pilots stay compliant and/or our Safety Management System to your FlightLogger platform.