Launching Flightlogger at your operation is simple and fast, the implementation can be broken down into three simple steps!

To begin with, we send you a list, showing you which information we need to setup your new Flightlogger account. In general, it will only take you 1-2 hours to gather it all and once we have the information we need three weeks to set up your new account.

When your new account is all set up, we plan a one-day introduction to all your staff held at your location. Yes, one day is actually enough time to introduce the system that will now help you manage your entire organization; that’s user-friendliness!

During the introduction day, which by the way is free of charge, we will set a final date for when you want to go live. From that day on and forward, all the tedious paperwork is gone and you have now moved into the next generation of aviation – the fully cloud-based one!