Frequently Asked Questions about FlightLogger

On this page we have gathered some answers for some of the most common questions we hear about FlightLogger. Feel free to write us with other questions from here.

What do you mean by paperless?2020-08-19T15:00:00+02:00

– FlightLogger provides online student folder and tracking of students.
– A fully integrated scheduling system, that synchronizes with electronic calendars, keeping everybody in the loop.
– Keeps track of all required certificates and documents and their expiry date.
– An integrated, optional, Safety Management System, with online reporting.
– Access to relevant documents, SOP and more provided for easy access.
– Communication and message center.
– E-Logbook for all users.
– Overview of current maintenance situation.
– Because everything is in one system we can provide valuable statics and reports.
.. and much more.

Basically everything to keep a modern ATO / AOC running paperless and efficient.

We have a lot of rentals can FlightLogger handle those?2020-08-19T15:00:25+02:00

FlightLogger handles rentals with ease. A renter, as all users, gets a login and can online ask for availability of an aircraft. To approve or reject is just a click. No more phones ringing or emails for check of available aircrafts.

Are my data safe?2020-08-19T15:00:43+02:00

Your data integrity is a prime concern for FlightLogger and therefore we use Amazon as our server and backup system. This is to provide you with peace of mind. We backup on three different data centers worldwide to have a redundant backup system and keep your data safe. In short we do not have a server in a damp basement somewhere.

Does FlightLogger require installation of software to work?2020-08-19T15:01:02+02:00

FlightLogger runs in any browser and uses modern cloud technology. This means that as long as you have access to a browser, you have access to your entire ATO and/or AOC via FlightLogger. This also means no client is required and FlightLogger can run on your device of choice: Mac, Pc, Android, Linux etc. The cloud technology enables all users on your ATO and/or AOC to have access to the information that matters to them.

Does FlightLogger handle AOC flying?2020-08-19T15:01:26+02:00

Yes it does. Daily FlightLogger keeps track of AOC flying for our costumers. It is easy and all done on the FlightLogger platform.

Does FlightLogger work offline?2020-08-19T15:01:43+02:00

The operational – in the aircraft – part of FlightLogger is designed to work offline. This means that an instructor can grade a student on the tablet while in the air. Likewise a pilot flying a mission can register the relevant flight details directly on his/her tablet or other device. As soon as the device is online again FlightLogger synchronizes and the administration can track all the information of the flight – from the comfort of the office or at home. No need for paperwork, phone or email flight details anymore!

Can I get a trial version of FlightLogger?2020-08-19T15:02:08+02:00

While FlightLogger is easy to use and to understand, we do not provide a trial version of FlightLogger. The reason for this is that FlightLogger contains your full syllabus and other relevant data; without this data FlightLogger would not give you the correct impression. This is why we would love to present FlightLogger to you and to answer any questions and concerns.

How long does a presentation take?2020-08-19T15:02:26+02:00

Normally it takes 1 hour to get an impression of FlightLogger and an introduction to how FlightLogger will help any ATO and/or AOC becoming truly paperless and managing the daily operation. The presentation is completely free.

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