my|FlightLogger login

Your personal flight training history in one place

my|FlightLogger login

Your personal flight training history in one place

my|FlightLogger is a free, personal tool exclusively for students, instructors, staff, crew, and renters with a FlightLogger profile at one or more training organizations. With my|FlightLogger, users can access all their FlightLogger profiles using just one email and password. 

Also keep track of flying hours with the built-in personal, electronic logbook that automatically collects flights logged on users’ FlightLogger profiles, and synchronize manual flight entries from my|FlightLogger back to associated FlightLogger organizations.

Consolidate your FlightLogger training history in one place

my|FlightLogger is a personal tool that comes for free when a user profile is created for you in FlightLogger. 

Many aviators have several FlightLogger profiles at various flight training organizations – either as instructors, students, renters, or staff. my|FlightLogger consolidates them inside a personal account that gives you 1-click, 1-password access to all your profiles at associated organizations.

Access FlightLogger accounts from my|FlightLogger
the my|FlightLogger logbook

All your key flight info at hand with a free electronic logbook

Why spend time updating a 3rd-party logbook when my|FlightLogger does it automatically for you?

All your flight records are automatically synced from FlightLogger to your personal my|FlightLogger account, so you can focus on other tasks instead. Your flight data remains on your account even when you no longer have a FlightLogger profile so you always have access to your flight record.

Add manual flight entries inside my|FlightLogger and they automatically get synchronized to associated FlightLogger organizations where they count towards flight time limitations.

Consolidate your training records in one place

my|FlightLogger is more than merely a personal logbook and single sign-on access point to your FlightLogger profiles. 

As a student you have the right of access to your training records, and that’s what my|FlightLogger provides. A copy of all your personal training records generated with FlightLogger is available on your my|FlightLogger account so you don’t have to worry about exporting, printing, or copying them in case your FlightLogger profile is removed.

Much more will be added to my|FlightLogger later on, so stay tunes for more…

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FlightLogger comes with month-to-month subscription, no long term contracts, and full support included.

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