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Flight School Management Software

Tired of tedious workflows and tons of paperwork in regards to the daily management of your flight training organization? Want to subscribe to the world’s best system for an efficient, standardised operation?

Using modern cloud technology, FlightLogger takes your flight training operation to the next level.

With 52,000 registered users and partners from 42 countries, FlightLogger os among the most widely used flight school management platforms available.

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The world’s most innovative flight training management platform

FlightLogger is the world’s most innovative flight training management software – an all-in-one centralized operation management tool to keep track of everything from maintenance to training records for both flying and theory.

Available from any device, FlightLogger gives you a digitalized, easy to use online platform that both your staff, crew, instructors, and students are going to love. We bridge all your daily operations, allowing you to focus on delivering the best flight training services possible.

An all-in-one platform for your entire operation

FlightLogger helps you schedule flights, theory and other activities, keep track of everything from certificates, documents, gradings, flight times, to aircraft maintenance and safety, and even facilitate your internal communication – all in the same digital platform.

FlightLogger explained in 2 minutes

Pictures speak louder than words. Watch this video to learn the fundamentals of the FlightLogger flight training management software.

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FlightLogger and Skyborne
“FlightLogger is essential to our streamlined, disciplined approach to running a pilot academy. The built-in planning tool and the whole visual display of FlightLogger is very good. But most of all, I love FlightLogger’s Scandinavian can-do approach – they are always open to our suggestions.”
Ian Cooper, Skyborne
FlightLogger and Skywings
"Great Software! We have implemented FlightLogger in 2019 in our Skywings Flight Training academy and it has helped us on our growth and digitalization. Good job guys!"
Pieter Brantegem, Skywings Flight Training, Belgium
FlightLogger and Pilot Flight Academy
"We use FlightLogger for tracking documentation, certificates, due dates and maintenance. We also handle all scheduling, communications and follow-up with students and instructors through FlightLogger. Without FlightLogger we wouldn’t have been able to grow the way we have.”
Karl Morten Rosenlund, Pilot Flight Academy, Norway
FloightLogger and FTO Padova
“FlightLogger has been pivotal for the growth we have experienced in the last few years. The platform is essential for our staff managing all flight school operations and for students and instructors being able to focus on their education. The user-friendly interface across various devices means our students and instructors have been happy to adopt FlightLogger.”
Federico Conforto, FTO Padova

All-in-one Flight Training Management Software

  • Scheduling & Bookings

  • Certificate Management

  • Document Management

  • Offline Registration & Grading

  • Integrated Safety Management

  • Integrated Message Center

  • Student Accounting

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Competency Based Training

  • Month to Month Subscription

  • Unlimited Support

  • Any Device Platform

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