Our team is a great mix of passionate aviators, skilled developers and business professionals. We have found that this combination is the optimum setup to deliver a top quality software package and good service to all existing and upcoming customers around the world.

We are all 100% dedicated and have the same goal in mind when we meet in the morning at our office in Aarhus – Denmark: Changing the world of aviation through modern technology!

Kenneth Jeppesen
Kenneth JeppesenCEO & Pilot
Rasmus Bergholdt
Rasmus BergholdtCTO
Michelle Skøtt Andersen
Michelle Skøtt AndersenCFO
Martin Mikkelsen
Martin MikkelsenImp. consultant & Pilot
Heather Shroyer
Heather ShroyerSales Representative
Vivi Johansen
Vivi JohansenAccount Manager & Pilot
Marcus Frederiksen
Marcus FrederiksenSoftware Developer
Kåre Jensen
Kåre JensenSoftware Developer
Jeppe Sørensen
Jeppe SørensenSoftware Developer
Nicholas Ladefoged
Nicholas LadefogedSoftware Developer
Mads D. Larsen
Mads D. LarsenMarketing Manager
Søren Rehné
Søren RehnéInvestor & Pilot
Jonas Vognsen
Jonas VognsenInvestor
Morten Christensen
Morten ChristensenInvestor