Our team is a great mix of passionate aviators, skilled developers and business professionals. We have found that this combination is the optimum setup to deliver a top quality software package and good service to all existing and upcoming customers around the world.

We are all 100% dedicated and have the same goal in mind when we meet in the morning at our office in Aarhus – Denmark: Changing the world of aviation through modern technology!

Kenneth Jeppesen
Kenneth JeppesenCEO & Pilot
Rasmus Bergholdt
Rasmus BergholdtCTO
Michelle Skøtt Andersen
Michelle Skøtt AndersenCFO
Martin Mikkelsen
Martin MikkelsenImp. consultant & Pilot
Heather Shroyer
Heather ShroyerSales Representative
Vivi Johansen
Vivi JohansenAccount Manager & Pilot
Jeppe Sørensen
Jeppe SørensenSoftware Developer
Nicholas Ladefoged
Nicholas LadefogedSoftware Developer
Mads D. Larsen
Mads D. LarsenMarketing Manager
Søren Rehné
Søren RehnéInvestor & Pilot
Jonas Vognsen
Jonas VognsenInvestor
Morten Christensen
Morten ChristensenInvestor