Who is FlightLogger made for?

Great value for your entire organization

Who is FlightLogger made for?

Great value for your entire organization

Choosing a flight school management solution should be done with the entire organization in mind.

FlightLogger provides optimal conditions for handling each person’s individual responsibilities – regardless of title.

FlightLogger is built to meet the demands of a flight school but fits AOCs and aero clubs as well, for example supporting rentals and operation flights.

Our clients count everything from small aero clubs to the largest flight academies.

Flight schools love FlightLogger – here’s why

Pick your role to see the value you get with FlightLogger:

Owner, CEO

Whether your strategic goals are growth, profitability or simply creating great students, FlightLogger helps you achieve them. 

  • Optimize your school’s efficiency and profitability
  • Always know that your academy’s standards are aligned and upheld
  • Run rental business and operation flights on the same platform
  • Minimize administration time and paperwork, and be sure your documentation is always up-to-date
  • Testify professionalism and stand out as an attractive partner for new students and airlines
  • Attract the best staff by providing an outstanding platform
  • Enable competency-based training at your school

In short, choose FlightLogger to build a strong foundation and develop the school you always dreamed of

Operations Manager

FlightLogger helps the operations manager stay on top of the situation while also allowing them to focus on optimizing operations.

Here are some of the features a flight school operations manager will appreciate:

  • A comprehensive scheduling system for booking aircraft, simulators, classrooms, instructors and students
  • A sturdy framework to manage pilot program syllabus including revisions etc.
  • Integrated booking of rental and ferry flights, scenic flights and any other operation flights
  • An integrated aircraft maintenance system
  • A safety management system for reporting and handling safety incidents
  • A system that keeps track of flight time limitations and automatically shows warnings
  • Complete control of user roles and permissions
  • Structured data reports and raw data exports at your convenience

FlightLogger simply provides the optimal tool to maximize the output of all your school’s most valuable assets.

Head of Training

Your primary responsibility as a head of training is to develop and maintain a streamlined training organization providing the highest quality of training while making sure your school is always compliant and ready for the next audit. FlightLogger gives you the strongest possible digital foundation for your daily operations so you can develop standardized training programs just the way you want it.

These are some reasons why the head of training likes FlightLogger:

  • Build training programs the way you want them to be
  • Eliminate worries on conflicting or missing data because of FlightLogger’s intelligent data structure, where everything is automatically stored at the right place
  • Get an easy overview and customizable warnings to make sure certificates are valid, flight time limitations are respected, and security issues are reported and managed
  • Follow your students’ training progress from anywhere to ensure efficient training processes

In short, FlightLogger provides a strong base for the head of training to build and manage a streamlined training organization.

Chief Flight Instructor

FlightLogger is the perfect tool for standardizing your flight school procedures and documentation, helping to provide a seamless and manageable workday for everyone.

The FlightLogger flight school management platform eases the tasks of keeping track of program revisions, students’ progress, flight hours, gradings and assessments, attendance, and all the other administrative burdens needed to assure compliance and efficiency.

A standardized setup with optimal quality and availability of your school’s data means you get the perfect conditions for students finishing on time.


Like students, instructors are easily updated on upcoming activities via FlightLogger. Instructors get an easy overview of student performance and training progress and know where to focus before going flying or in the classroom.

Repeated tasks like class theory registration and lesson flight registration and grading – which can be done while airborne and offline – makes life as an instructor so much easier.

  • In-flight (offline) lesson flight registration and grading
  • Easy class attendance registration
  • Overview of upcoming activities with optional calendar synchronization
  • Instant access to lesson syllabus and student records
  • Use FlightLogger anywhere from any device


The FlightLogger platform serves as the student’s digital companion, assisting on the path to becoming an aircraft or helicopter pilot.

  • Know when the next flights, class theory or exam is planned
  • Document your medicals and other certificates to school staff including approval
  • Access program history including grades, attendance, notes etc.
  • Automatically synchronize your schedule with a personal calendar
  • Get a personal exportable electronic logbook
  • Communicate easily with school instructors and other staff as well as fellow students
  • Store important documents in your personal account

In short, FlightLogger delivers the platform that allows students to focus on their education – and to document their results when getting the first job as a pilot.

FlightLogger helped Pilot Flight Academy create a success

Since Norwegian Pilot Flight Academy started using FlightLogger a few years ago, they have grown their school to become one of Europe’s leading pilot training organizations.

See their story here.

FlightLogger student preparation

Attract the best students, staff and partners

By handling the daily tasks of your students and employees on a modern platform, you take a huge step to elevate the reputation of your flight school. Digitalized, standardized operations help emphasize the quality of your school making you an attractive partner for airlines etc.

“Before FlightLogger, we had been talking about how the perfect digital solution for managing our flight school would look if we were to build one ourselves, thinking it didn’t actually exist.

FlightLogger has made life easier for all our staff and students.”

Mirela Matasari, Prokitor

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