The FlightLogger Workflow

Working closely with a huge variety of aeronautical businesses have taught us one very important lesson: User-friendliness is everything!

What difference does it make that you have a thousand reports if you don’t have any data? With FlightLogger we have broken the daily workflow in your organization down to four simple steps.

This will help your staff work efficiently in a complex world, where plans constantly change, and where flexibility and the ability to act fast and safely is essential!

1: Create users with only a few clicks, giving them access to your FlightLogger account 24/7 no matter the time, place or the device used!

2: Manage the operations schedule with ease through FlightLogger’s user-friendly drag and drop booking system. Everybody will be kept in the loop through automatic calendar synchronisation and widescreen overviews using our integrated kiosk solution.

3: Get registrations done in less than two minutes and live in the aircraft! Giving your staff such an easy workflow has been proven essential to businesses all over the world, as it makes sure the job gets done!

4: Sit back, relax and keep the total overview of your business through a variety of reports, statistics and our live booking overview!

1: User Management

  • Manage admins, bookers, pilots, instructors, students, renters, guests with ease
  • User friendly profile interface and access 24/7 from any device
  • Keep all user information and emergency contacts in one system
  • Stay compliant with our integrated and fully electronic certificate centre
  • Full electronic training/tracking of students and internal training of pilots
  • Track and manage income and expenses through reports and accounts

2: Integrated Booking

  • User friendly interface and efficient overview of resources
  • Simple drag and drop functionality
  • Complete overview of availabilities
  • Conflict avoidance
  • Build in certificate warnings to stay compliant
  • Incorporated syllabus overview through double screen feature

3: Easy Registration

  • Easy workflow, registration takes less than 2 minutes
  • Registrations to be done live in the cockpit!
  • One registration – no paperwork
  • Discrepancies avoidance
  • No incomplete registrations
  • Integrated Safety Management reporting
  • Full electronic grading and progress tracking
  • Your choice of device!
FlightLogger Data Reports

4: Stats, Reports and Safety Management

  • Full production overview
  • Booking statistics on aircraft, pilots and instructors
  • Cancellation & completion tracking
  • Techlog overview and build in descrepensie warnings
  • Income and expenses tracking
  • Integrated Safety Management System
  • Export functionality
  • Student Accounting Module

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