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TOFINO from France becomes cloud-based with FlightLogger

TOFINO expands FlightLogger's presence in France by joining our training management platform! TOFINO's operational base is located in Le Touquet in the north-western part of France but with offices in Paris. They manage a big fleet with aircraft all from PC12 to Diamond 42 and Cirrus SR22, offering training in en-route IFR, CB-IR with [...]

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Danish gliding union soar into the FlightLogger cloud

DSVU (Danish Gliding Union) is now live with FlightLogger at all their gliding clubs across the country. DSVU is a union of 30 gliding clubs with about 2000 members and thus the demand for training makes it a very big training organization. The union works towards good conditions for the gliding community in Denmark [...]

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Cirrus Aircraft Management chooses FlightLogger over other solutions!

Cirrus Aircraft Management puts Czech Republic on the FlightLogger customer map, bringing our presence to 38 different countries! Being the second largest European operator and seller of CIRRUS aircraft, Cirrus Aircraft management also provides Private Pilot license (PPL) and Instrument Rating (IR) training. They operate their training out of Příbram Airport, which is located [...]

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FLY7 Academy joins FlightLogger’s flight training management platform

FLY7 joins the FlightLogger platform as the 2nd customer from Switzerland and pushes FlightLogger closer to the 100 customers worldwide! FLY7 is the second-largest Pilatus PC-12 operator, the fastest-growing brokerage team and the biggest Pilatus training center in Europe. They are using their expertise in PC-12 in their ATO, which focus primarily on PC-12 [...]

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Eriva Pilotu Skola goes digital with FlightLogger 🛩️🇱🇻📲

Eriva Pilotu Skola is now among the most advanced flight schools in the world as they move into the cloud with the support of FlightLogger's flight training management platform! 💻 Eriva Pilotu Skola offices are located just next to Riga International Airport with operation out of Ādaži Airfield located northeast of Riga city in [...]

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Sales Representative joins the FlightLogger team

We are happy to announce that Heather Shroyer has joined FlightLogger as an Sales Representative. Even though many new ATO's are joining our state-of-the-art training management platform, we want to make sure that those who are considering a new operation tool knows what is on the market. Hence, with a [...]

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Aero Locarno puts Switzerland on our customer map as they fly into the cloud with FlightLogger 🛫⛅🇨🇭

Aero Locarno goes to new heights as they are now surfing the FlightLogger cloud! Aero Locarno's flight school is located in the southern part of Switzerland, close to the Italian border. The surrounding area is a mountanious terrain with a beautiful scenary in which to fly around. Their fleet consist of a mix of [...]

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Euro Flight Training goes live with FlightLogger’s digital training management solution!

Euro Flight Training from Fareham, south of London in the UK goes live with FlightLogger! Euro Flight Training is a brand new school from the UK which is located in new offices in the Innovation Centre, just next to the Solent general aviation airport. Even though the school have just started up, they have [...]

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Andorra Aviation Academy flies into the FlightLogger cloud above the mountains of Andorra 🇦🇩

Andorra Aviation Academy puts mountainous Andorra on the map as the first FlightLogger customer from the region! Andorra Aviation Academy is resided in the small country of Andorra, sharing the ground facilities with the Universitat d'Andorra in Sant Julià de Lòria. Although the current ground school facilities are in Andorra, the academy has multiple [...]

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Once again its time to show our faces in public, this time at the Canadian Aviation Conference and Tradeshow in Montréal the 18-20th November 🇨🇦

Once again our bags are packed and business cards printed as we embark on our journey to Montréal in Canada for the ATAC conference next week, where we are both participating and speaking!  This year we are so lucky to have 2 speakers: The 1st 'speak' will be on Monday the 18th of November [...]

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