Eriva Pilotu Skola is now among the most advanced flight schools in the world as they move into the cloud with the support of FlightLogger’s flight training management platform! 💻

Eriva Pilotu Skola offices are located just next to Riga International Airport with operation out of Ādaži Airfield located northeast of Riga city in Latvia, making it convenient to get there while using the general aviation airport. With almost no traffic, it pairs for a perfect training environment.

With FlightLogger, Eriva Pilotu Skola can handle all activities which include flight programs, ground school theory, bookings, flight registrations, and maintenance, as well as certificate management, document management, and message management. This will benefit their entire organization in a resource optimized way while delivering a truly digital experience for all their staff, instructors and students.
As FlightLogger provides all users with their own login, you can access your own profile from any given device, anywhere in the world, making it easy for them to track their training whether you are a student or an instructor. With this access, it makes it a lot easier for the schools that are doing modular training, with part time instructors and students.

FlightLogger welcomes Eriva Pilotu Skola who is now able to provide a digital experience for all their staff and students!