FLY7 joins the FlightLogger platform as the 2nd customer from Switzerland and pushes FlightLogger closer to the 100 customers worldwide!

FLY7 is the second-largest Pilatus PC-12 operator, the fastest-growing brokerage team and the biggest Pilatus training center in Europe.
They are using their expertise in PC-12 in their ATO, which focus primarily on PC-12 class ratings. The course consists of 5 days of ground school, which can be done either as a distance learning or on-premises, which is then followed by 10 hours of block time in the aircraft.

After deciding to go digital with FlightLogger, FLY7 quickly gathered all relevant flight training manuals and business information, which was added to the Flight Training Management platform by FlightLogger staff in just a few weeks.

FlightLogger believes in the value of a face-to-face relationship with our customers, hence, when the account was ready, our CEO and former flight instructor Kenneth visited FLY7 in Switzerland and trained the management team and all instructors to ensure that FLY7 was fully operational for their new digital life with FlightLogger.

With the help of FlightLogger, FLY7 can now offer a fully digital experience for all their staff, instructors and students with 24/7 access to their operation from any given device while managing their resources both on and off site. This provides their instructors and students the possibility of accessing their training files from anywhere in the world, when they need to prepare their next flight and thus aiding in a higher quality of training!

FlightLogger welcomes FLY7 and we are pleased to be providing a fully digital experience for all students, instructors, and staff.