Aero Locarno goes to new heights as they are now surfing the FlightLogger cloud!

Aero Locarno’s flight school is located in the southern part of Switzerland, close to the Italian border. The surrounding area is a mountanious terrain with a beautiful scenary in which to fly around.
Their fleet consist of a mix of Cessna’s, pipers and diamonds which enables them to provide state of the art flight training.

After making the decision to go digital with FlightLogger, Aero Locarno quickly gathered all relevant flight training manuals and business information.
When FlightLogger received all training manuals and operation data, the implementation team initiated the process of transferring all training data into their new personal FlightLogger account, which only took around 3 weeks!

Once the account was ready, Martin from the implementation team traveled to Aero Locarno’s location in Switzerland, to provide training for their staff together with providing any necessary assistance in setting up the final part of the account so they would be ready to go live the following week.

We are currently approaching 100 customers from 37 different countries, who have gone digital with our fast and easy implementation structure, which proves that a digital transformation is achievable for all flight schools looking to optimize their operation with our digital training management platform.

FlightLogger welcomes Aero Locarno and we are proud to be the provider of their digital training management solution!