Cirrus Aircraft Management puts Czech Republic on the FlightLogger customer map, bringing our presence to 38 different countries!

Being the second largest European operator and seller of CIRRUS aircraft, Cirrus Aircraft management also provides Private Pilot license (PPL) and Instrument Rating (IR) training. They operate their training out of Příbram Airport, which is located about 55km from Prague’s city center.  Training is offered on both SR Series aircraft and the Vision Jet.

After having evaluated different software solutions in the industry like Private Radar and Avionica, Cirrus Aircraft Management had no doubt that FlightLogger was the right choice. Cirrus Aircraft Management got quickly started by sending the FlightLogger team all their training manuals to be implemented into their new account. Since FlightLogger believes in the value of a face-to-face relationship with our customers, when the account was ready, Kenneth from the implementation team traveled to Cirrus Aircraft Management in Czech Republic, to train both management and their instructors as well as to provide any necessary assistance for them in the process of becoming ready for their new digital life with FlightLogger.

FlightLogger currently has close to 100 ATOs whom have all gone digital with their personalized implementation structure, proving that digital transformation is achievable for all types of flight training organizations.

FlightLogger welcomes Cirrus Aircraft Management and we are proud to be providing a fully digital experience for all their students, instructors, and staff!