Best overall product suit made Canavia choose FlightLogger

The Gran Canaria based flight school Canavia recently completed the implementation of the FlightLogger flight school management platform. Canavia thereby became the fourth academy located in Spain, to use the FlightLogger solution.  Located in Las Palmas, Canavia was founded in 2009 by Mario Pons, a native pilot and flight instructor that today holds 30 [...]

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OSM Aviation Academy prepared for the future with FlightLogger

This week, Swedish based OSM Aviation Academy joined a growing list of flight schools basing the management of their daily operations on the digital platform, FlightLogger. The implementation of FlightLogger comes in perfect timing as the academy is getting closer to normal operations following the Corona crisis. With a history going back more than [...]

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Aviation Academy Austria set to fly with FlightLogger

Last week, the implementation team at FlightLogger completed the set-up of one of Austria’s leading pilot academies, Aviation Academy Austria. Together with GDPR compliancy, the ability to run a large flight school and an aircraft rental administration in the same platform were some of the key reasons for choosing FlightLogger. Aviation Academy Austria was [...]

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FlightLogger a perfect match for the high standards of KLM Flight Academy

Over the last couple of weeks, the implementation of the FlightLogger flight school management software has been completed for one of Europe's most highly regarded flight academies, the KLM Flight Academy. Next week, the solution goes live for the entire academy. The fact that the Dutch-based flight academy handpicked FlightLogger as it's central platform [...]

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International Pilot Academy bypasses COVID-19 to become yet another Canadian FlightLogger based academy

One of Canada's leading pilot schools, International Pilot Academy, has now become yet another academy in the nation to launch FlightLogger's flight school management and operations platform. Finding new ways to bypass the challenges of Corona Based out of Gatineau, Quebec, the International Pilot Academy has earned a strong reputation for its exceptional pilot [...]

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TOFINO from France becomes cloud-based with FlightLogger

TOFINO expands FlightLogger's presence in France by joining our training management platform! TOFINO's operational base is located in Le Touquet in the north-western part of France but with offices in Paris. They manage a big fleet with aircraft all from PC12 to Diamond 42 and Cirrus SR22, offering training in en-route IFR, CB-IR with [...]

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Danish gliding union soar into the FlightLogger cloud

DSVU (Danish Gliding Union) is now live with FlightLogger at all their gliding clubs across the country. DSVU is a union of 30 gliding clubs with about 2000 members and thus the demand for training makes it a very big training organization. The union works towards good conditions for the gliding community in Denmark [...]

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How to save money and optimise at the same time – Knowledge sharing during COVID-19

We want to share some helpful tips and guidelines with all our beloved customers. We know that COVID-19 has come as a shock to many, and while some customers have closed down their operation temporarily other customers are running full production as normal. No matter the degree of which you are affected by COVID-19 [...]

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Cirrus Aircraft Management chooses FlightLogger over other solutions!

Cirrus Aircraft Management puts Czech Republic on the FlightLogger customer map, bringing our presence to 38 different countries! Being the second largest European operator and seller of CIRRUS aircraft, Cirrus Aircraft management also provides Private Pilot license (PPL) and Instrument Rating (IR) training. They operate their training out of Příbram Airport, which is located [...]

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FlightLogger COVID-19 status

Another COVID-19 week has begun, and we want to send all customer and partners a little status from the FlightLogger office to ensure everyone feels completely safe about their data and their FlightLogger solution. In Denmark, the borders have been closed down and all companies have been asked by the Danish government to send [...]

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