Last month, Melbourne based Australian Pilot Training Alliance (APTA) completed the implementation of the flight school management platform FlightLogger. After just a couple of weeks of setting up, all APTA’s flight schools are already using the platform in full scale. The good news come at the same time as APTA announced the CASA approval of their new B1900/B350 type rating.

APTA, a well-known name in the Australian world of aviation, is an alliance of school bases placed in Victoria, Australia. Until recently, APTA’s flight school operations were managed using another on-premise system, but offering a wide range of pilot education programs in different locations, APTA’s growing need for a more comprehensive system to digitalize operations across flight schools lead them to FlightLogger.

Several school bases handled in one platform

“FlightLogger offers the features we need to manage our daily operations out of the box”, Naser Qushair, APTA’s CEO tells us. “As an alliance of flight school bases, we need to handle a wide range of operations every day. With FlightLogger, we now have a central platform to handle all our daily tasks across the bases, including managing our students, courses, certificates, documents, bookings, aircraft maintenance, safety management and much more. The fact that FlightLogger is built especially for flight schools like ours means our daily tasks are supported within a dedicated system. It’s great for both our students, instructors and our staff.”

FlightLogger CEO Kenneth Jeppesen is pleased to see another strong partner join the platform as he founded the company just nine years ago: “We are very pleased that APTA has chosen the FlightLogger solution. It proves that our dedication to developing the solution based on input from our customers really pays off. We are just getting started and I’m very honored that APTA has joined our quest to make better flight schools.”

APTA’s new B1900/B350 type rating approved by CASA

Another great news to APTA was the recent CASA approval of their Beechcraft 1900/350 type rating course. Enabling even higher quality of training, the new type rating course approval settles APTA at the very top among Australian pilot academies.

We congratulate APTA on the new approval and wish our new friends welcome to the FlightLogger family ✈️

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