Aviation South West joins the FlightLogger cloud as the 10th customer in the UK!

Aviation South West is located in Exeter Airport just next to the main entrance, making it very easy to access their main office building. The company is family owned which gives it a cozy environment with a pleasant atmosphere but with a professionel twist with very experienced management and instructors.

FlightLogger believe in the value of a face-to-face relationship with our customers, hence, when the account was ready, Martin from the implementation team traveled to Aviation South West, to train both the management and their instructors but also to provide any necessary assistance for Aviation South West in the process of becoming ready to their new digital life with FlightLogger.

FlightLogger strives to minimize the hassle of starting with new software and therefore handles the implementation of all required flight training data on the platform, letting the flight academies focus on providing a good service.

We currently have more than 90 ATOs from 36 countries who have gone digital with our personalized implementation structure, which proves that a digital transformation is achievable for all kind of flight training organizations.

FlightLogger welcomes Aviation South West and we are proud to be providing a fully digital experience for all students, instructors, and staff.