Hub’Air Aviation Academy places another flag on our map as the first customer becoming digital with FlightLogger from Luxembourg, as Country number 32!

Hub’Air is based out of Luxembourg International Airport but is also operating in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. The instructor team is experienced airline pilots, training managers, and flight operation officers.

As the owner of the academy is an experienced aerobatic pilot, their training program is one-of-a-kind with a big focus on upset recovery, ‘back to basics’ and aerobatic flying.

Hub’Air is offering both ab-initio training and several type ratings (B737, Airbus A320 series, and A330), hence, the FlightLogger software is again proving its flexibility and customization for a broad range of operations in all types of flight training management.

FlightLogger is a cloud-based software product, meaning that no hardware- or software installation is required, making it very easy for any flight training organization to get started with FlightLogger.

After Hub’Air confirmed the final go and forwarded all their training manuals and other business specifications required via email, the implementation team in FlightLogger initiated their work of setting up Hub’Air’s account, which is all handled by FlightLogger staff, and 3 weeks later the account was ready for the final setup. After arranging the introduction days, Martin from FligthLogger’s implementation team traveled to Hub’Air’s location in Luxembourg and finalized the account, together with Hub’Air’s management, and made sure that Hub’Air staff, administration, and instructors felt safe to use the software for their daily operation.

Today Hub’Air is able to provide a fully digital experience for their entire staff and future students with digital student folders, short- and medium-term planning/scheduling tools, aircraft log and maintenance, digital grading system, unlimited digital document library and many other digital features. This will ease the workflow for Hub’Air’s management, staff, administration and instructors and in the end aid in the optimization of their operation.

FlightLogger welcomes Hub’Air Aviation Academy and we are proud to be the provider of a fully digital experience for the management, the flight- and ground instructors together with all their future students!