Fife Flying Club is now live with FlightLogger through Tayside Aviation, proving that the software has a high degree of flexibility and can be adapted to a broad range of operations.

Fife Flying Club, based at Fife Airport (EGPJ), was formed in 1984 under the original name of Fife Aero Club. The club promotes flying and encourages social activities amongst its members, with events such as; National Fly Kids Day, an annual Open Day for the public, BBQs and “Buddy days”, which provide members with an opportunity to experience a flight in another member’s aircraft.
The club has around 90 members with a large mix of interests; with microlight pilots, commercial pilots, aircraft owners, and students. Tayside Aviation is the flight training organization based at Fife Airport, who provide tuition for both the LAPL & PPL and operate two PA28 Warriors based at the airfield, used for both training and private hire for Fife Flying Club members.

FlightLogger delivers the tools to manage bookings of both aircraft and briefing rooms, their training progress, personal certificates, and their aircraft together with its maintenance requirements. The members of the flying club are now able to log-on 24/7, requiring only a mobile device with a browser and an internet connection, in order to access FlightLogger’s services. Hence, this will optimize the utilization of their aircraft and thus saving money for the club end their members.

FlightLogger welcomes Fife Flying Club and hopes they will enjoy the product and all its features!

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