SIMTECH AVIATION joins FlightLoggers continuously-expanding customer network as customer no. 75, being the second simulator operator to be FlightLogger certified in May month!

Simtech Aviation operates a fleet of fixed-based simulators as well as full-motion flight training devices. Simtech’s facility comprises of over 20,000 square feet which are located just next to Dublin airport. The entire building has been designed from the ground up to provide a bespoke, convenient and best-in-class learning environment for aviation professionals.
Simtech offers JOC, MCC, combined MCC/JOC, APS and TRI training programs, in their state of the art simulators.

With FlightLogger, Simtech Aviation ATO activities including flight programs, ground school theory, bookings, flight registrations, and maintenance, as well as certificate management, document management, and messages management, will benefit their entire organization in a resource optimized way.

After making the decision to go with FlightLogger, Simtech Aviation account was quickly set up, with their training manuals and operation configuration. A two-day training session followed onsite at Simtech location in Dublin, and on the same day of the final training, they went live with FlightLogger.

FlightLogger strives to minimize the hassle of starting with new software, and therefore handles the implementation of their account, letting the ATO/AOC focus on their core service.

The FlightLogger certificate (as seen signed by our CEO and displayed by Simtech Group sales director to the left and their head of training to the right) is a new initiative this spring, to provide all our customers with a certificate of our business relationship. We are working to send out certificates to all our current customers which proves that they are a certified FLightLogger partner.

FlightLogger welcomes Simtech Aviation and we are looking forward to providing a fully digital experience for all students, instructors, and staff.

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