Friday, Sep. 28th 2018 became the day, where FlightLogger received its first Gazelle award.
This is a day to remember for both Kenneth Jeppesen (founder) and the whole FlightLogger team.

Each year the prestigious Gazelle award is given to the fastest growing companies in Denmark.

The Gazelle award is given by Børsen – the leading Danish business newspaper – to companies with sustained growth and a positive bottom line over four years. To receive the award a company is required to minimum double the turnover during the past four years and have a positive bottom line overall for the four years. We are thrilled to receive the Gazelle award as it serves a testimony, that hard work pays off and that FlightLogger as a company is growing in a healthy way.

Kenneth Jeppesen has since FlightLoggers early days been the focal point of FlightLogger. His hard work and dedication to create a paperless platform for ATO and AOC activities have set the bar high. This drives the FlightLogger team to focus on continually improving the platform with new features, improved user experience, performance, and security.

The Gazelle award motivates the FlightLogger team to build on the positive growth by adding new customers to the FlightLogger platform and providing a great digital experience for all users.