Early July, Malaysian flight school BATS Aviation completed the implementation of the FlightLogger flight school management platform. BATS Aviation thereby joined a group of six Malaysian schools already managing their daily operations via the Danish based solution.

BATS Aviation is a pilot school located in Ipoh, Malaysia. The school was founded in 1993 and in July 2019 changed its name to BATS Aviation.

Growing complexity called for FlightLogger

Implementing FlightLogger was a natural investment for the flight school situated in a region of the world that – looking aside the current corona situation – foresees a significant demand for new pilots in the years to come.

Earlier this year, BATS Aviation invested in a new simulator and as the size and complexity of the organization increases, so does the need for standardizing daily operations within the flight school. Needs that included managing the students, instructors and staff at BATS Aviation, standardizing their training programs, scheduling school flights and keeping track of aircraft as well as all necessary documentation in terms of certificates, gradings, aircraft maintenance and safety management.

To fulfill these needs, BATS Aviation decided FlightLogger was the best platform after seeing a couple of presentations of the solution.

Signs of optimism in the business

FlightLogger CEO Kenneth Jeppesen was happy to be able to finalize the implementation of the cloud based FlightLogger solution in early July after the COVID-19 outbreak caused a sudden interruption. “Even though we are still in the middle of corona, it’s pleasant to see that more and more schools are re-opening their operations. Many schools are also concluding that now is a perfect time for streamlining their infrastructure in order to strengthen their position for when the aviation world normalizes,” says Kenneth Jeppesen.

At FlightLogger, we say welcome to BATS Aviation and thank you for choosing our platform.

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