Last week, the implementation team at FlightLogger completed the set-up of one of Austria’s leading pilot academies, Aviation Academy Austria. Together with GDPR compliancy, the ability to run a large flight school and an aircraft rental administration in the same platform were some of the key reasons for choosing FlightLogger.

Aviation Academy Austria was founded in 2004 and today holds 5 full-flight simulators and 11 training aircrafts at their modern facilities just outside Vienna. With a capacity of 50 pilot graduates per year, Aviation Academy Austria is a significant provider of skilled personnel to airlines across the European continent and abroad.

Flight School administration and aircraft rental business handled in one system

According to Oliver Karall, CEO at Aviation Academy Austria, a lot of considerations were made before finally deciding on the FlightLogger platform. However, after seeing it in action during a presentation, it was obvious that the solution was a good fit for his school: “We compared FlightLogger to other solutions and even the possibilities of building our own solution. It was clear that FlightLogger was the best platform to support our setup consisting of a rather large academy plus an aircraft rental business on the side, all managed within the same system. Due to their pricing model, we had the rental administration without any extra costs, which was just an extra plus for us.”

Crucial that FlightLogger was compliant with international regulations

One issue that had to be addressed before deciding on FlightLogger was compliancy. Being compliant with regulations like GDPR has become increasingly important in the last years in the aviation world and it was crucial for Oliver Karall to make sure FlightLogger complied to all international regulations. “Compliance was actually one of our biggest worries, but FlightLogger proved to be fully compliant, which means I don’t have to worry about issues like data protection in the cloud-based FlightLogger solution”, Oliver Karall explains.

For FlightLogger CEO, Kenneth Jeppesen it means a little extra to see Aviation Academy Austria join as a partner: “We have had our eyes on Aviation Academy Austria for a while and we have worked a bit more than normal to assure them that FlightLogger lives up to their demands. They are a good fit for our solution, and it’s exciting for us to see them join the FlightLogger family.”

The solution went live this week and Aviation Academy Austria is thereby the fifth Austrian school to handle its entire operations management using the FlightLogger platform.

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