Another COVID-19 week has begun, and we want to send all customer and partners a little status from the FlightLogger office to ensure everyone feels completely safe about their data and their FlightLogger solution.

In Denmark, the borders have been closed down and all companies have been asked by the Danish government to send home their employees to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus. At FlightLogger we have followed the recommendation and sent all our employees home. But as a software company, the great benefit is that we can work from anywhere!

Hence every FlightLogger employee is still 100% at work, each employee is simply working from home to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus for the world to get back to normal ASAP.

Every FlightLogger customer can, therefore, feel safe as all our staff is on duty ensuring a stable and secure FlightLogger solution. As always, our development team is working full time on new features like our upcoming CBTA module, Flight Time Limitation module, improvements to both the booking page, message center and availability area – all things requested by our customers.

We will follow the situation closely and send out updates if any changes to the above are needed.

Below is a webcam photo collage showing a healthy Team FlightLogger working from home ūüėČ

Stay safe and well, yours sincerely,
Kenneth Jeppesen
CEO / FlightLogger