AirHub Flight School is a brand new school located in the capital of Lithuania, just a minutes walk from Vilnius International Airport. Starting in April, they will provide advanced training solutions for licensed commercial pilots. Even though the school is just starting up, they have already made investments in brand new training equipment such DIAMOND DA40, DIAMOND DA42, FNPT II and Full Flight Simulators, giving a great training experience for their students!

FlightLogger strives to minimize the hassle of starting a new flight school with the latest software and therefore handled the implementation of all required flight training data on the platform, letting the flight schools focus on running their operation. Hence, once FlightLogger received all their training manuals and operational data, the implementation team initiated the process of transferring all training data into their new account. Once the account was ready, two team members traveled to Airhub’s Training location in Vilnius, Lithuania to provide training and assistance in setting up their account so they will be fully operational for when their first batch of students arrive in April.

FlightLogger currently has more than 96+ ATOs from 37 countries who have gone digital with our fast and easy implementation structure, which proves that a digital transformation is achievable for all flight schools looking to optimize their operations with a digital solution.

FlightLogger welcomes AirHub Flight School and we are proud to be the provider of their digital training management solution!