Every year the leading Danish business newspaper Børsen awards the prestigious Gazelle to the fastest growing companies in Denmark. To be a fast-growing company it is required to double the turnover for the last four years while having a positive bottom line in three out of those four years.

FlightLogger received the prestigious award for the first time last year and has followed up with another “Gazelle” in 2019. The Gazelle award is a testimony, that hard work pays off and that FlightLogger continues to create strong results while being able to grow healthily with a positive bottom line.

The award is based on the years 2015-2018.
Breaking down the numbers shows FlightLoggers rapid growth in customer throughout those years:

2015201620172018Today, Oct. 2019
23 customers40 customers49 customers68 customers84 customers

We would like to use this opportunity to send big THANK YOU to all our customers around the world.
Without your trust, feedback and customer inputs throughout the years we would never have come this far!

Due to the need for more space after employing additional developers and a new implementation specialist in 2019 the team needed more space. Hence FlightLogger moved to a new and larger office in the city center of Aarhus, Denmark earlier this year.

Receiving an award, moving into a new office and breaking through the long term goal of supporting +80 customers worldwide allowed us to celebrate. Therefore, we hosted a reception in the new office on September 27th. A range of friends, family and business relations joined us for a reception in our new office celebrating the “Gazelle”, hitting +80 customers and relocating. The day was filled with champagne, tasty food, cake, great conversations, and lots of positive energy.

As a company, we are thrilled to receive the award once again and the steady number of added customers every year provides a stable platform for FlightLogger to continue the positive development. We are strongly targeting another “Gazelle” for 2020 and it motivates the FlightLogger team to see that they make a difference for our customers by providing a great digital experience for all users.