MATC – Mission Aviation Training Centre, joins FlightLogger and becomes our 4th customer in the Netherlands.

MATC operates a fleet of 6 aircraft, the majority of Cessna’s and an almost new simulator. They train with a special purpose, as they are recognized by the MAF international and are the preferred training provider for Europe. MAF operates in some of the most challenging places in the world, hence the training requires a high degree of quality and specialized training.
MATC operates out of Teuge Airport, just above an hour drive from Amsterdam, which makes it an ideal location for flight training. MATC offers all its training programs as modular courses, which makes their training very flexible for all involved.

After making the decision to go digital with FlightLogger, MATC quickly gathered all relevant flight training manuals and business information, which was added to the Flight Training Management platform by FlightLogger staff. When the account was fully ready, FlightLogger staff traveled to MATC’s headquarter for a two-day training session and are now able to provide a fully digital experience for all employees, students, and management.

FlightLogger strives to minimize the hassle of starting with new software and therefore handles the implementation of all required flight training data on the platform, letting the ATO/AOC focus on providing a good service. We currently have more than 75 ATOs who has gone digital with that approach, which proves that a digital transformation is achievable in a limited timeframe.

FlightLogger welcomes MATC and we are looking forward to providing a fully digital experience for all students, instructors, and staff.