Aeros is the most recent British based ATO to join FlightLoggers Digital Training Management platform.

Aeros will now be able to optimize daily activities by reducing paper workflows, improve reporting options and increase transparency as they move into digital ATO management. After deciding on FlightLogger Aeros quickly gathered the required business information, which was implemented on the platform by FlightLogger staff. With the account in place, a two-day training session was conducted onsite including staff, instructors and admins preparing for the go-live date. Once again FlightLogger proves that implementation and digital transformation is achievable in a limited time frame.

Aeros was established in 1986 and operates out of 5 locations across England and Wales. Aeros have developed a structured modular training program called Fastrack for aspiring Airline Pilots. Aeros have a fleet of thirty; two and four-seat aircraft for the initial training and six Diamond DA42 aircraft and three Alsim AL42 simulators. Over the years Aeros has delivered Pilots to BA, Emirates, Jet2, Ryanair, Flybe, EasyJet, Whizz Air, Swiss Air and Norwegian. The Aeros Group has been recognized for many years as one of the leading Modular Flight Training Academies in the UK.

Aeros Managing Director Nicholas Dunn says “We are already benefiting by integrating management of flight programs, ground theory, bookings, flight registrations, certificates, documents, messages, maintenance etc. The feedback from our students, instructors, operations and engineering staff has been extremely positive. FlightLoggers support throughout the integration has been fantastic. These were all decisive for Aeros when choosing the FlightLogger platform”.

We are proud to team up with one more well-established ATO and look forward to providing a full digital experience for all employees, students, and management at the Aeros Group.