On March the 11th Leading Edge Aviation became our 9th customer in England, and thus joined 72 other global customers who are using FlightLogger’s Flight Training Management platform.

With FlightLogger, Leading Edge Aviation is digitizing ATO activities including flight programs, ground school theory, bookings, flight registrations, and maintenance, as well as certificate management, document management, and messages management, which will benefit their entire organization.

Leading Edge Aviation is a brand new academy with a team combining more than 200 years’ experience. The executive team alone has trained more than 19,000 pilots during their career. Which means, they very well know how a paper clogged environment looks like and thus understands, what challenges it brings. Now, they will learn first-hand, the advantages of digitizing, cleaning up all those papers laying around.

Leading Edge Aviation is a very technology-focused school, knowing the advantages of digitalization, not only have they chosen FlightLogger, but they are also using the latest virtual and mixed-reality technology AND, they are using the modern glass cockpit training aircraft.

With FlightLogger in place, Leading Edge Aviation can offer a structured platform. Being an EASA certified training organization, they provide a fully integrated ATPL course, which brings you from complete beginner all the way to a fully-qualified ATPL pilot. Moreover, they provide modular courses, MEP CPL, MEP IR, combined modular MEP CPL/IR/APS-MCC, and they can even provide you with accommodation if required.

After making the decision to go with FlightLogger, the Leading Edge Aviation account was quickly set up, with the required business information. A two-day training session followed onsite at Leading Edge Aviation headquarters in Oxford, and less than a week later they went live with the platform.

FlightLogger strives to minimize the hassle of starting with new software, and therefore handles the implementation of business information on the platform, letting the ATO/AOC focus on their core service. We currently have 72 ATOs which are digitalized with our platform, proving that a digital transformation is achievable in a limited timeframe.

FlightLogger welcomes Leading Edge Aviation and we are looking forward to providing a full digital experience.