The Gran Canaria based flight school Canavia recently completed the implementation of the FlightLogger flight school management platform. Canavia thereby became the fourth academy located in Spain, to use the FlightLogger solution. 

Located in Las Palmas, Canavia was founded in 2009 by Mario Pons, a native pilot and flight instructor that today holds 30 years of flying experience. The school offers education of pilots and cabin crew as well as drone pilots, and additionally offers charter services via its subsidiary PontAir.

Before deciding for FlightLogger, Mario and his colleagues managed flight school operations using software from a Spanish vendor. Early this year, they decided it wasn’t fulfilling their needs and began the search for a solution that supported their daily operations better.

Chose FlightLogger over a competing solution

“We initially looked at a solution from another vendor but after doing some tests, we started looking for better alternatives. After getting a presentation of the FlightLogger platform, we recognized that this was exactly the solution we were looking for. It wasn’t any specific feature that made us decide for FlightLogger, they simply offered a more complete feature set that fitted the needs of a flight school like ours”, Canavia CEO Mario Pons tells us.

Setting up FlightLogger at Canavia took less than four weeks including two training sessions for Canavia’s administrative staff and instructors. Due to the COVID-19 related flight restrictions, the training was conducted online, and even though it has not caused any problems at all, FlightLogger pilot and implementation consultant Martin Mikkelsen looks forward to again being able to go on location when training new FlightLogger partners.

“Though we have grown accustomed to training online during the last months, it will never be the same as actually being there together with the staff of a new flight school. Both in terms of establishing the personal relation that we insist on having with our partners, but also to make sure that everybody is ready to use our platform. I hope we can visit Canavia and the many other flight schools that we have been forced to perform online training for in a near future”, Martin Mikkelsen says.

Until then, we send a warm welcome from the FlightLogger family to Canavia.

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