Avion Group as Avion Training, has joined FlightLogger as the fifth customer in the Netherlands!

Avion’s headquarter is based just outside Amsterdam, close to Schipol Airport, where they have great office space for their administration and development department. Avion Group sells simulator products and pilot training, where their activities count cadet programs, professional flight training and the building and operation of flight simulators.

With FlightLogger, Avion Training can optimize the usage of either their own simulators or their customers simulators, together with the tools to provide a higher degree of training quality.
FlightLogger provides Avion Training with the possibility to manage their simualtors at multiple locations, define rental slots, set up maintenance requirements, manage instructors certificates and provide their students with a digital training experience. This is accomplished with their own training manuals in a digital format in FlightLogger with mission/lesson/session, briefing, grading, flight time and debriefing which is all presented in a easy-to-use user-interface, optimized for the electronic flight back (EFB) with offline functionality.

When all Avion’s training programs were implemented together with their simulators, classrooms, customers, operations and ground theory, Martin from FlightLogger traveled to their location to provide on-premises training for their staff and to provide any assistance for the final setup of their account.

FlightLogger welcomes Avion Training and we are looking forward to providing a fully digital experience for all students, instructors, and staff.