On October 7th 2019 Nortávia became the latest Portuguese flight school to join FlightLoggers integrated flight training management platform.

After only two introduction days on the 1st and 2nd of October Nortávia could go fully live with FlightLogger. Once again FlightLogger proves how easy it is to go digital with our platform regardless which system the school used before.

Nortávia was founded in 1989 and is located in the beautiful mountainous area near Porto.
At the very beginning of its operation, Nortávia trained private pilots and did various aerial work like photography. Later on Nortavia included training of professional pilots which took their operation to a new level. As of today Nortávia operates more than +10 aircraft and an ever-growing number of ATPL(A) students!

Due to Nortávia popularity and their growing student numbers, the need to go digital with an effecient flight training platform became more and more important. With the switch to FlightLogger Nortávia can now manage flight programs, ground theory, bookings, safety management, flight registrations, certificates, documents, messages, maintenance etc. in one combined system.

Last but not least, Nortávia wanted to offer a full digital experience to all their students, employees and management to further improve the overall quality of their training.

At FlightLogger, we are truly proud to team up with Nortávia and sends a warm welcome to all students, employees and management.