Airways Flugutbildning is the latest Swedish Flight School to go live with FlightLoggers Flight Training Management platform.

The value proposition of becoming paperless by integrating the management of flight programs, ground theory, bookings, flight registrations, certificates, documents, messages, maintenance etc. was decisive in Airways Flugutbildning choosing the FlightLogger platform.

After only two introduction days Airways Flugutbildning went live with FlightLogger and are now providing a full digital experience for all employees, students, and management. The quick implementation once again proves how easy it is to go digital and implement our platform.

Airways Flugutbildning is an EASA-approved Approved Training Organization (ATO) with 25 years of experience in training both commercial pilots and private pilots. The flight school offers an effective and appreciated solution for those who have FAA CPL ME IR and want to obtain corresponding EASA permissions and can also resolve conversion of other ICAO permissions to EASA.

Airways Flugutbildning flies out of Västerås and operates the most modern aircraft fleet for education in Sweden. The fleet consists of single and two-engine Diamonds including DA40, DA42, and a FNTP II simulator. A modern fleet gives Airways Flugutbildning the possibility to operate every day, year-round ensuring an effective education.

FlightLogger is proud to team up with another customer in Sweden taking our Swedish partners to 6 customers. At FlightLogger, we look forward to providing a great digital experience and we send a warm welcome to all staff and students at Airways Flugutbildning!