On Dec 12th 2018 FTO Padova became the latest Italian flight school to join FlightLoggers integrated flight training management platform and digitalize their activities.

After only two introduction days on the 10th and 11th of December FTO Padova could go fully live with FlightLogger. Once again FlightLogger proves how easy it is to go digital with our platform regardless which system the school used before.

FTO Padova is an ENAC certified flight school approved according to EASA Part FCL and ICAO standards. Staff follows the company philosophy that each student is important, regardless of experience, character, and personality with correctness and transparency being the basis of the relationship with the students.
The flight school has its main office in Padua airport with additional operation options in California (USA), Warsaw (Poland) and Dublin (Ireland). FTO Padova offers among others ATPL Platinum, ATPL distance learning and Drone certification as well as renewal courses. Students at FTO Padova will also have an opportunity to fly the Cirrus JET Vision.

The value proposition of becoming paperless and have an integrated management of flight programs, ground theory, bookings, safety management, flight registrations, certificates, documents, messages, and maintenance was decisive in FTO Padova choosing the FlightLoggerplatform.

After going live FTO Padova is able to offer a full digital experience for all employees, students, and management. At FlightLogger, we are proud to team up with another Italian customer and look forward to providing FTO Padova with a great digital experience.

Hereby a warm welcome to FTO Padova!