On April 23rd, 2018, National Flight Centre (NFC) went live with FlightLogger.
NFC is the second Irish ATO to go digital with FlightLogger´s cloud-based flight school system!

It only took 2 days of introduction to learn management and instructors how to use FlightLogger. The introduction days were held at NFC´s own location in Weston airport, which is located less than 20 km from Dublin city centre.

NFC has educated pilots for decades and has great experience in aviation training.
To further improve their training and optimise their growing business they were looking for a system to digitalise the operation.

After a single presentation they decided to move forward with FlightLogger to get rid of all the paperwork.
The Head of Training quickly gathered the information needed to get started, which the FlightLogger staff implemented accordingly. A few weeks later the introduction days were arranged and in April NFC went live with FlightLogger.

NFC operates a fleet of Cessna 150/152s, Cessna 172’s, a Cessna 172RG, a Piper Cub and a Beech 76 Duchess as well as an impressive B373 simulator.

FlightLogger sends a warm welcome to all staff and students at National Flight Centre!
It’s an honor to add their logo to the ever-expanding customer map