On January 31st, 2018, Rotor & Wings went live with FlightLogger.
Rotor & Wings is the second Dutch ATO to go digital with FlightLogger´s cloud-based flight school system!

The name says it all – Rotor & Wings is a school with many possibilities offering training on both fixed wing and helicopters. As a fixed wing pilot you can learn to fly everything from the modern Diamond 40 to the powerful Bonanza F33C.

For those in favour of helicopters, the options are also many.
Take control of one of the “classics” like R44 and Schweizer 300 or go for the impressive BO105 – a helicopter well known from various Red Bull airshows.

Something that we (FlightLogger) have never experienced before when visiting an ATO is a fully equipped training platform… on wheels! Rotor & Wings have a completely restored veteran truck in their hangar. It contains both a crew room, a briefing room and a simulator which is used at various events around the Netherlands.

It only took 2 days of introduction to learn management and instructors how to use FlightLogger. The introduction days were held at Rotor & Wings own location in Lelystad airport, which is located less than 60 km from Amsterdam city centre.

Rotor & Wings have been looking forward to getting started with FlightLogger after seeing it “in action” at another ATO in Lelystad Airport.

FlightLogger sends a warm welcome to all staff and students at Rotor & Wings!
It’s an honor to add their logo to the ever-expanding customer map