Why not combine work with pleasure?

FlightLogger used the weekend of week 35 to visit Telemark Airshow in Notodden Norway.
At FlightLogger both Kenneth, Søren and Vivi are already pilots, but this airshow was a great opportunity to invite the more technical part of the team into “the real aviation world”.

In order to create the best flight school software in the world, FlightLogger believes it is of the highest importance that the “staff in the engine room” (developers) have a good overall knowledge of aviation and flight training.

During the two days, the staff was introduced to both historical and modern aircraft – from the North American T-28 to the Diamond 40/42 which many FlightLogger customers use today. The developers also meet with some of the people who use FlightLogger every day. They enjoyed discussing features and further improvements with the instructors and bookers from the Norwegian academy Pilot Flight Academy who was also present at the airshow.

Everyone had a really great time – and the main topic during the dinner in the evening was:
What more can we do to improve FlightLogger to make the academies even more efficient?

With FlightLogger currently having customers in 22 countries, we get a lot of feedback from all customers around the world which are highly appreciated.
But nothing beats a direct dialog face to face between those in the “engine room” (developers) and those “out in the field” (instructors and bookers)

Thanks to all our customers for your continued great feedback and for trusting FlightLogger as your daily Training Management System!

Also special thanks to Pilot Flight Academy for showing our developers around the amazing airshow this weekend.