On Sunday the 30th of April University of Tromsø School of Aviation (UiT) went digital with FlightLoggers cloud-based training management system.

UiT changed from Talon ETA to FlightLogger for many reasons, but the wish to give both students and staff a more user-friendliness software was playing a big role!

FlightLogger implemented all manuals, aircraft etc. for UiT and after only two days of introduction “on location” Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th UiT could go live with FlightLogger.

UiT are located in Bardufoss airport in the beautiful northern part of Norway.
Students will in their two years of training not only be flying with an amazing view of the northern lights, they will also learn how to handle some of the most challenging weather conditions.

The goal for UiT when looking for a new flight training software was clear.
They wanted to go digital and keep everything in one system without the use of tedious paper. The system should be easy to implement and so user-friendly that both management, staff and students instantly understood the workflows.
UiT found that with FlightLoggers training management system.

“Simplicity rules” is still the FlightLogger quote! – despite more features are added every month FlightLogger highest priority is still to keep the system easy to use which makes our customers run their business efficiently.
Instructors rather fly with students than having to learn complex IT.  This is probably why FlightLogger has become their number one choice for a modern flight school system.

FlightLogger is proud to add yet another customer to the customer map and sends a warm “welcome on board” to UiT.
FlightLoggers management system is now supporting ATOs and AOCs from 19 different countries around the world.