On the 11th of April 2017, Emirates Aviation Services (EAS) went live with FlightLogger and became the first digital academy in the United Arab Emirates.

EAS went live with ease after two successful introduction days held at their own location in the impressive city of Dubai.

EAS´s has been looking for a new training management system for some time.
They wanted a flight school system that was easy to use and which could help them further improve the quality of their training. At the same time, they saw great potential in getting rid of all the paperwork and thereby optimize all their workflows via digitalisation.

After seeing several flight school systems they had a presentation of FlightLogger and decided right away to move forward with FlightLogger´s training management system and safety management system.

Emirates Aviation Services operates out of Dubai which delivers perfect weather conditions for flight training. Their administration is located at Dubai International Airport while the flight training takes place in the brand new Al Maktoum International Airport which is estimated to become the biggest airport in the world when finished (twice the size of London Heathrow)

With a location in these two aviation superhubs, their students are trained from day one to handle radio communication and traffic on a complex level.

The FlightLogger team sends a warm “welcome on board” to all staff and students of EAS!
FlightLogger is proud to help EAS into the next generation of aviation training with FlightLogger as their new cloud-based training management system!