On Monday the 12th of December 2016 FlightLogger welcomed HeliFlight to the customer team!

After a smooth introduction day held the week before, HeliFlight was able to gain all the benefits of working digitally with FlightLoggers cloud-based flight training software.

HeliFlight is located in Roskilde Airport – Denmark, which is known for its great facilities available for training aviators. HeliFlight has many years of experience in training helicopter pilots and is among other things also operating the danish TV2-news helicopter, a beautiful black/white H120 (formerly known as EC120)

FlightLogger is happy to see one more helicopter ATO choosing to streamline their operation and improve safety with FlightLoggers combined training management system & Safety Management System. With HeliFlight “on board” FlightLogger is proud to now be helping 40 customers from a total of 15 different countries around the world!

The FlightLogger Team wishes everybody a happy new year and we look forward to another great year in the clouds with you 😉