FlightLogger is proud to have achieved another great milestone. On Friday 26’th of August 2016 FlightLogger passed 9000 registered users. 9014 users have been registered to be exact.

This milestone is just a natural progression. FlightLogger now holds customers in a total of 13 countries so naturally our list of registered users is also growing.

The trend is clear: Modern flight academies (ATO’s and even AOC’s) want to work digitally – and FlightLogger is the leading solution in the market. The efficiency is clear: FlightLogger customers spend less time on administrative work and can stay focused on making sure that their users are happy. And students from around the world are now choosing FlightLogger academies over “old-fashioned” academies. They want to use academies where they get a better quality in their training. An academy where their program is all digital through a modern flight training system.

But FlightLogger is not just another IT company with a digital solution – FlightLogger has been started by pilots. So the people at FlightLogger understand the need to appreciate each individual user – whether he/she is an administrator, student, instructor, crew-member or just a simple renter. To stay “the best” everyone counts! 

This is also why FlightLogger would like to use this milestone to express it’s thankfulness to each and every one. You all contribute to keep improving FlightLogger which is why FlightLogger is growing so fast. Thank you for your loyalty and big support!