One of our customers from Jordan – Ayla Aviation Academy had a great article in Computer News Middle East this week!
FlightLogger is one of the many professional tools that help Ayla stay in front at all times. Not only are they more effective in the everyday workflows with FlightLogger, but the pilot training itself is also improved with cloud-based student folders and cockpit recording!
Ammar Yousef, President and CTO states:
“FlightLogger includes document management. certificate management, scheduling and more. We use FlightLogger to manage and monitor our cadet’s theoretical knowledge instruction and flight training. Students are able to access their class schedule, documents and coursework on any mobile device or computer, as well as receive immediate updates to their schedules via FlightLogger.
In addition, FlightLogger gives insights into a cadet’s academic performance – information that is particularly important to the cadet’s sponsor. Many of our cadets´at Ayla is sponsored by commercial aviation outfits that intend to employ them after graduation. They have a great deal invested in the success of their sponsored cadets. As FlightLogger also records scheduling, attendance and monthly reports, a sponsor can see clearly and immediately if their investment is paying off.”
We are proud to have Ayla Aviation Academy as a customer.
The FlightLogger team would like to use this opportunity to wish all Jordanians a happy 70th Independence Day 🙂
Read the whole article by clicking on this link to Computer News Middle East