The large Danish-owned offshore helicopter company Bel Air based at Esbjerg Airport started using FlightLogger in January 2016.

FlightLogger is proud to welcome this new AOC customer on board. The introduction was made possible by their Crew Training Manager, Jacob Panduro, who already knew about FlightLogger from his past experience as a Flight Instructor.

Thanks to Jacob Panduro’s openminded approach to new developments FlightLogger is now able to add some new features that will benefit not only Bel Air – but all AOC’s in making their operation more efficient.

The company has a really interesting history. It was founded back in 2009.
The company has won an extensive amount of Awards for the way the company has been controlling it’s growth – both from an employee but also from a strategic perspective. Susanne Hessellund – founder and owner – is mentioning some core values in the introduction video filmed in 2014.

The video mentions some core challenges:

  • We had to perfrom incredibly well in order to keep our customers
  • The team was exquisite and hoped it would be allowed to show that it was able to make it happen
  • Everyone stayed – and everyone made sure that it could make this operation happen
  • It genererated a sense of humility and pride towards the operation (and customers)

These core values were also behind Kenneth Jeppesen when he took on the challenge to revolutionize the world of Flight Academies. It took a lot of energy and passion to convince a – somewhat conservative – industry, that their future was digital.

Student folders do not belong on paper locked in a safe but should be digital available over the internet for access anywhere, at any time.

And these core values are still behind the team at FlightLogger.