On the 2015/12/6 Urbe Aero ATO went live with FlightLogger. This was exactly 1 month after FlightLogger could announce that Urbe Aero ATO had chosen FlightLogger.

It took less than 1 month to have all programs entered into FlightLogger and all administrators, instructors and students setup. And having FlightLogger visiting the academy and give the introduction courses to instructors and administrators. The team behind FlightLogger once again demonstrated, that we are able to give customers a really easy and smooth transition into FlightLogger.

At FlightLogger we have meet many academies around the world, who have expressed their concern with moving from the old fashioned paper into the new “digital age”. They have often been scared of change. But at FlightLogger we keep documenting, that – with the hole team of FlightLogger and it’s many years of experience – academies really don’t need to be worried. FlightLogger will assist and make the transition easier than ever before.