Fine-tuning FlightLogger´s technical platform

On Monday the 24th of Feb between 07:00 AM UTC and 08:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will release another update without requiring any downtime! In FlightLogger we strive to provide a quality product and FlightLogger’s underlying technologies of the software play an important part in ensuring a stable, fast and secure platform. This update mainly [...]

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Dropbox Integration improvements and 3 brand new features -> Extra lesson, Credited hours, Booking filter

Wednesday the 15th of January at 06:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will release another major update! This update includes three new features and other great improvements especially for customers using FlightLogger Dropbox Integration Module (DIM) Here are the new features and improvements: Extra lesson Credited hours Customizable booking filter Improvements to Dropbox Integration Module (DIM) [...]

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Dropbox Integration and Student Accounting Module improvements

Earlier this Dec FlightLogger released another update earlier this month with additional functionality for the FlightLogger platform. The release has been tested ever since via Dropbox as it contained addons to the Dropbox Integration Module, but also improvemetns to the "RAW data Flight Report" and two accounting reports. Dropbox Integration Improvement (add-on module) [...]

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Master exercise list (CBTA step 1 of 2), Classroom and Aircraft calendar sync + bug fixes

Monday the 25th of November at 06:30 AM UTC FlightLogger will release another major update! The main feature in this update is the new Master exercise list. The Master exercise list is the first of two steps needed in order to introduce FlightLoggers new Competency Based Training & Assesment module (CBTA). Secondly, a long [...]

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Ground School improvements and bug fixes

On Wednesday, 10th of July FlightLogger released yet another update. The update adds improvements to the ground school area of FlightLogger while at the same time releases bug fixes related to the last major update on July 1st. Ground School Improvements This update contains two ground school improvements. "Attachments to theory registrations" The first [...]

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Major update to flight registration pages, attachment to SMS and new account settings

On Monday, 1st of July at 5 am UTC a major update will be released to the FlightLogger platform. The update includes a massive facelift to all flight registration pages in FlightLogger and adds new functionalities, which is built from all the great inputs received from our customers. Additionally, new features will be added [...]

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New “Current Certificate” overview and platform optimization

On Monday, April 29th at 06:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will release another update to improve the flight school management platform. The release will include a “Current Certificate” overview while improving FlightLoggers development options. As the release from an end-user viewpoint might seem like a minor addition to FlightLogger this release has been really important to the [...]

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