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What is the pricing for FlightLogger?

FlightLogger comes at a monthly subscription price meaning there are no contracts and no binding. We use a simple pricing model to make sure FlightLogger is accessible and attractive for both small and large training organizations.  Please contact us to ...

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What do you mean by paperless?

- FlightLogger provides online student folder and tracking of students. - A fully integrated scheduling system, that synchronizes with electronic calendars, keeping everybody in the loop. - Keeps track of all required certificates and documents and their expiry date. - ...

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Are my data safe?

Your data integrity is a prime concern for FlightLogger and therefore we use Amazon as our server and backup system. All our data and redundant backup is stored on EU-based, GDPR compliant servers. In short, instead of a server ...

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How long does an online demo take?

Normally it takes 1 hour to get an impression of FlightLogger and an introduction to how FlightLogger will help any ATO and/or AOC becoming truly paperless and managing the daily operation. The presentation is completely free. You can book a ...

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