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New FlightLogger update enhances Availabilities and Lesson Registration pages

We are finishing up yet another major update to the FlightLogger platform. The update is to be released on Wednesday 24th June at 04:30 UTC. You should expect the platform to be in maintenance mode for maximum an hour. Here's a short recap of the most important improvements this update is going to add to your platform: Comprehensive redesign of Availabilities - please read [...]

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Minor update to the FlightLogger platform

Today on 11th June 2020, our development team has released a minor update to the FlightLogger platform, solving some smaller issues and bug fixes. Here are the most important improvements released with the update: Editable SMS headlines (for safety manager only) Protection from showing "repetition needed" info on completed lesson to other students Better info on Google calendar sync limitations Below follows a short [...]

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Brand new Flight Time Limitation Module & Message Center upgrade

On Wednesday 29th April at 6AM UTC FlightLogger will be releasing a major update with two significant new additions along with a list of improvements and bug fixes to the FlightLogger platform. The update is not going to cause any downtime on your accounts. The new Flight Time Limitation Module First of all, we are more than excited to release the very first version [...]

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Major upgrade to FlightLogger’s Message Center

Over the last months, our developer team has been very busy picking up a huge amount of valuable user suggestions and comments to our Message Center, and developing the features you have asked for. We are so thrilled that we are now ready to release a big update that not only introduces the Flight Time Limitation Module but also a number of highly awaited [...]

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FlightLogger adds integrated Flight Time Limitation Module

After months of specification, development and testing, FlightLogger is trilled to announce that the first version of FlightLogger's integrated Flight Time Limitation Module (FTLM) is made available as part of the update released on 29th April at 6 AM UTC. We are very excited that so many of you have already contacted us to have the FTLM module activated on their accounts. We really [...]

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Fine-tuning FlightLogger´s technical platform

On Monday the 24th of Feb between 07:00 AM UTC and 08:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will release another update without requiring any downtime! In FlightLogger we strive to provide a quality product and FlightLogger’s underlying technologies of the software play an important part in ensuring a stable, fast and secure platform. This update mainly “fine-tunes” the engine of FlightLogger as it includes several upgrades [...]

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Dropbox Integration improvements and 3 brand new features -> Extra lesson, Credited hours, Booking filter

Wednesday the 15th of January at 06:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will release another major update! This update includes three new features and other great improvements especially for customers using FlightLogger Dropbox Integration Module (DIM) Here are the new features and improvements: Extra lesson Credited hours Customizable booking filter Improvements to Dropbox Integration Module (DIM) Improvements to ‘Airport report’ Improvements to message center and document [...]

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Dropbox Integration and Student Accounting Module improvements

Earlier this Dec FlightLogger released another update earlier this month with additional functionality for the FlightLogger platform. The release has been tested ever since via Dropbox as it contained addons to the Dropbox Integration Module, but also improvemetns to the "RAW data Flight Report" and two accounting reports. Dropbox Integration Improvement (add-on module) The improvement to the Dropbox Integration Module includes the option [...]

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Master exercise list (CBTA step 1 of 2), Classroom and Aircraft calendar sync + bug fixes

Monday the 25th of November at 06:30 AM UTC FlightLogger will release another major update! The main feature in this update is the new Master exercise list. The Master exercise list is the first of two steps needed in order to introduce FlightLoggers new Competency Based Training & Assesment module (CBTA). Secondly, a long list of improvements and new features have been added with [...]

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Ground School improvements and bug fixes

On Wednesday, 10th of July FlightLogger released yet another update. The update adds improvements to the ground school area of FlightLogger while at the same time releases bug fixes related to the last major update on July 1st. Ground School Improvements This update contains two ground school improvements. "Attachments to theory registrations" The first improvement is the possibility to "Add attachments" to ground school [...]

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Major update to flight registration pages, attachment to SMS and new account settings

On Monday, 1st of July at 5 am UTC a major update will be released to the FlightLogger platform. The update includes a massive facelift to all flight registration pages in FlightLogger and adds new functionalities, which is built from all the great inputs received from our customers. Additionally, new features will be added to FlightLoggers integrated SMS module, while administrators will find additional [...]

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New “Current Certificate” overview and platform optimization

On Monday, April 29th at 06:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will release another update to improve the flight school management platform. The release will include a “Current Certificate” overview while improving FlightLoggers development options. As the release from an end-user viewpoint might seem like a minor addition to FlightLogger this release has been really important to the future of FlightLogger. Under the hood, we have implemented several [...]

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FlightLogger development projects 2019

Three major projects are in development at the FlightLogger office. We hope to release each project during 2019 to all customer worldwide. Our development team is currently making the final adjustments to the new improved ‘flight registration page’ which will be the first of three projects to go live to all customers in the near future. Below follows a little teaser from each of the [...]

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New functionalities and bug fixes

This week another small update was introduced to the FlightLogger platform.The update did not require any downtime and included a number of minor improvement as well as a few bug fixes!These improvements are now available and in the following, a small description of each can be found.Booking last updated byVisible meeting comment in booking overviewCycles on aircraft statusA “copy link” function in the document centerGreyed wrench [...]

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General development information and new document search functionality

On Tuesday, Feb 5th a small update to FlightLogger was released to all customers. The release included a new document search function and a number of minor bug fixes. January has been a quiet month in relation to software releases and the reason is that we are working intensely on improving the layout and functionality of the grading and flight registration. As this is one of the most important [...]

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Improved reporting options

On Monday, Dec. 3rd between 07:00 AM and 08:00 AM UTC (no downtime) another update will be released to all FlightLogger customers. The release is focussed on improved reporting and includes additions to the airport report, both RAW data reports (Flight & Theory) and the Program folder in the report generator. Additionally, a number of bugs are solved to improve the FlightLogger Platform.   RAW Flight Report [...]

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New simulator rental page and offline data safeguarding

On Tuesday, Oct. 30th at 07:00 AM UTC another update will be released to all FlightLogger customers. The release focus on two main areas, aircraft/simulator rentals and better offline experience for instructors. In short a new “Request simulator rental page” has been built using a new technology and the design is different from the original booking pages in FlightLogger. This new page will be used as a tryout [...]

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Improvements to CSV / XML export, rental requests, student booking window and new email templates (GDPR)

On Tuesday, Sep. 11th at 06:00 AM UTC another update will be released for free to all customers using FlightLogger. The release will include a number of new features and bug fixes. The most notable features added are related to CSV/XML exports, rental requests, the student booking window and email templates (GDPR). Read more about each improvement below. New account setting - Export of "time" in CSV and [...]

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Improved control of bookings, additional reports and account settings

On the 15th of August at 07:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will release yet another update to improve its flight school management system. The release will include a number of new account settings to manage bookings in FlightLogger. Other improvements include additional reports, improved performance, and bug fixes. Read about the new features and improvements below. New Account setting - Control booking survival time As [...]

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New Account Setting “Unique Call Sign” & technical upgrade

On the 14th of June at 06:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will add the feature "Unique Call Sign", while at the same time perform a major upgrade to the FlightLogger engine. This to ensure an up-to-date technical platform and to keep a high uptime, response time and overall stability for the benefit of each FlightLogger user.  New Account setting - Unique call sign This feature enables [...]

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Raw data theory report, SMS add-on and improved user search

On Wednesday the 16th of May at 06:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will add yet another great update with various improvements. Please note this update will not require any "down time" during release. The update includes among other things a new set of Raw data reports, Safety Management System add-ons and improved user search. Read about each improvement and new feature below. Raw data - theory report [...]

By |May 15th, 2018|Software updates|

Improved document center, customisable “min intervals” and new account settings

On Monday the 7th of May at 06:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will add yet another great update with various improvements. The update includes among other things an improved document center and additional add-ons to the message center. It also includes the ability to control the overall "min intervals" used when doing flight registration and two new account settings to control instructors rights in regards to management of students. Read about [...]

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Maintenance area (part 3), Maintenance messages & Maintenance administrators

On Tuesday the 3rd of April at 06:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will add its third and final update to finish the implementation of the new maintenance area in FlightLogger! The update includes, among other things, a new aircraft status overview and customisable maintenance types. A new maintenance message and the add-on of an additional role -> Maintenance administrator. A new security option to limit login attempts is [...]

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Preparation for next and final maintenance release

We are planning to release the next major update to FlightLogger on Tuesday the 3rd of April 2018 (more info will follow soon). This will be the 3rd and final update to complete the new maintenance area in FlightLogger. During the update, we will have to migrate all existing maintenance information on planes/helicopters/simulator into the new improved maintenance area. This is where we [...]

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Movable timeline, new renter setting and auto logout function

On Monday the 26th of February at 07:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will add its second major update in 2018 including various improvements and new features! The update includes among other things improvement to the booking page, new account settings (FlightLogger and SMS), an improved auto logout function in case of user inactivity and a new cropping feature for profile pictures. Additionally, this update includes technical improvements needed [...]

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