Over the years FlightLogger has included more and more advanced reports to help ATO’s and AOC’s around the world minimise production costs.

But sometimes FlightLogger has been asked for very specific flight reports. As an example someone wanted a detailed sum of hours per instructor. Someone else wanted a report that used the fuel coefficient to calculate VAT returns based on aircraft hours.

Together with Airways Aviation FlightLogger has now created a unique Flight Report option. All flight data can be exported to csv files and used in Microsoft Excel (MS Excel).

In order to help our customers understand how MS Excel’s advanced formulas can be used to create really advanced reports, FlightLogger has tried to create a sample MS Excel spreadsheet.

Below are some examples of the reports in the spreadsheet: Student productivity, Flight Instructor productivity and Aircraft hours

Download the MS Excel spreadsheet

You can download the spreadsheet here. (Flight Report V005.xlsx)

Introduction video

FlightLogger has also created a video to help our customers use the spreadsheet.
Note that the video is based on an older version of the spreadsheet.
But it demonstrates the use of a .CSV file.
On a PC you need to remember to import the .CSV file into the existing FLData sheet in order for the formulas to work.
Default on Excel is import into new sheet so instead of “Insert” button – please remember to choose “Insert into …”.

You can watch the video here: