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12.000 registered users – FlightLogger in 18 countries

On Monday 10th of April 2017 FlightLogger passed 12.000 registered users! FlightLogger is proud to service this very large amount of pilots around the world in 18 countries. Naturally, the growth is important to FlightLogger since it allows for the ability to provide a state-of-the-art solution to ATOs and AOCs around the world. But it is also [...]

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New ground school warning center

On Wednesday the 22nd of February at 06:00 AM UTC FlightLogger has yet another great feature added. Ground school warnings are already today used in FlightLogger. They appear on the frontpage for all users and on the user profile page. FlightLogger has now expanded the ground school warning solution to also have a new menu entry - similar to [...]

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Santa uses FlightLogger

FlightLogger would like to wish everyone: Friends Users Customers Partners and even competitors ( if they show up in 2017 ;-) ) a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Even Santa uses FlightLogger FlightLogger sent out a Christmas card to all customers. 2016 has been an amazing year and FlightLogger would like to share [...]

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Christmas gift – booking improvements

On Wednesday 21st of December at 09:15 AM UTC FlightLogger was updated with a few new improvements. The update did not require any maintenance mode. Below you can read more about a few of the updates. Single student bookings on frontpage On "single student" bookings on the front page it is now possible to see [...]

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Icelandic Flight Academy first customer in Iceland

Icelandic Flight Academy is the largest flight training organization in Iceland. On Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th of November 2016 they had their 2 introduction days to FlightLogger, the world's leading training management system for ATOs. The introduction days went very well and on Monday 14th of November, IFA could go fully live with FlightLogger. [...]

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Horisont also using FlightLogger

On Monday 1st of November 2016 FlightLogger welcomed Horisont to the customer team. After a smooth introduction day the previous Friday Horisont was able to gain all the benefits of working digitally with FlightLoggers cloud-based flight training software. Horisont is a global educator in typeratings. They are working with typeratings on: Airbus 320, ATR, Boeing 737, C525, CRJ. [...]

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New certificate warning center

On Thursday the 3rd of November at 06:00 AM UTC FlightLogger has yet another great feature added. Certificate warnings are already today used in FlightLogger. They appear on the frontpage for all users, via the booking page when creating bookings but also very importantly on the user profile page before the instructor goes fly. FlightLogger has now expanded [...]

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airBaltic ATO now ‘airborne’

FlightLogger is not only used to do basic training (Ab initio training). Thursday October 13 2016 airBaltic ATO completed 2 days of initial training and went live with their FlightLogger account. New pilots for airBaltic's own fleet and pilots from other ATO's will now be assisted with FlightLogger. Initially FlightLogger is used for their type ratings [...]

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9014 registered users – FlightLogger passes another great milesone

FlightLogger is proud to have achieved another great milestone. On Friday 26'th of August 2016 FlightLogger passed 9000 registered users. 9014 users have been registered to be exact. This milestone is just a natural progression. FlightLogger now holds customers in a total of 13 countries so naturally our list of registered users is also growing. The trend [...]

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Flight4000 – a new academy in Denmark

FlightLogger has - by having a clear strategy - proven that it works really well for both very large AOC and ATO's (300+ active students) but also small companies have the pleasure of the great benefits of the product. The pricing plan for the "internet as a service" based product makes it affordable for all companies [...]

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