This week, Swedish based OSM Aviation Academy joined a growing list of flight schools basing the management of their daily operations on the digital platform, FlightLogger. The implementation of FlightLogger comes in perfect timing as the academy is getting closer to normal operations following the Corona crisis.

With a history going back more than 55 years, OSM Aviation Academy has established itself amongst the most highly regarded flight schools, both in Sweden and in Norway where OSM opened a brand-new flight school in Arendal in 2018. The academy also has training facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and partnerships with the likes of Norwegian and SAS among others that have helped establish OSM Aviation Academy as a preferred source of education for aspiring pilots.

Corona crisis revealed unexpected advantages of a digital platform

OSM Aviation Academy was quick to launch initiatives as a reaction to the situation caused by COVID-19, one of them being the enablement of distance learning on some of their pilot training programs. Even though the implementation of FlightLogger was planned well before the Corona virus, for Head of Training, Marcus Pihlflykt, the crisis added to the list of advantages of running a digitalized flight school management system like FlightLogger.

“We had already identified the top values we’d get with FlightLogger long before Corona. However, the special situation we have been put in during the last months has emphasized the need to be able to run our operations and access all our data from remote locations. With FlightLogger we can handle everything from planning our training programs and keeping track of our students’ progress to booking training, registering class attendance and handling internal communication through the Message Center. This way, we are better prepared for future challenges”, Marcus Pihlflykt explains.

Increasing value as the situation goes back to normal

As flight school operations have slowly started to normalize, OSM Aviation Academy looks forward to taking more and more of the core features of FlightLogger in use – for example, the possibility to make in-flight school flight registrations and gradings as well as exploiting the new Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) module soon to be released.

FlightLogger CEO, Kenneth Jeppesen, personally travelled to OSM Aviation Academy’s locations in Sweden and Norway to perform the last onboarding and training before launch.

“I have been eager to visit OSM Aviation Academy as soon as travelling restrictions allowed for it – of course respecting all possible measurements to keep all of us safe. It has been fantastic to meet the wonderful people at OSM Aviation Academy, and I look forward to our future cooperation”, says Kenneth Jeppesen

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